Where do we stand on the Coronavirus and why?

Bethel's Hope In Times of Trouble

We have met with our church leadership and have made the decision to suspend our larger corporate gatherings for this time. In the interim we will continue to function as the "church," consisting not of bricks and mortar, but the Body of Christ outside of the walls.

  1. Our online congregation will be joined by the people who are with us every Sunday in-house. We will continue to do that for this season.
  2. We will honor the recommendations of government/health officials, until it is in direct contradiction to the mission of our local assembly.
  3. We will:
  4. Connect with God
  5. Connect with people
  6. Connect people with God
  7. We will be faithful in giving to Bethel and be faithful in our tithes and offerings, understanding that the church is still thriving and not surviving.
  8. We will connect with each other through social media, through phone calls and whatever safe means are available.
  9. We will continue to seek His face during this time and be open to growing through Him, thus growing together.