Say hello to the leadership team at Bethel Oakfield

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Bethel.

Pastor Reggie Adams and Joanne

Peter Holmes - Worship Pastor

Peter and his wife, Belinda, joined Bethel Church Oakfield in Fall, 2020, with Peter lending backup to the worship team on keys and vocals. In mid-summer, 2021, Peter was asked to assume leadership of the worship team. Our team employs a variety of musical styles and arrangements, to inspire an atmosphere of worship for our congregation each week. We are grateful for the addition of Peter and his wife, Belinda, to our Bethel family!

Olivia Shields - Youth Pastor

Olivia Shields is homegrown, that is, she is from the local community. About 8-9 years ago she came to faith in Jesus. Since then we have watched as she has grown in that faith. Approximately 4 years ago she was asked to take over the leadership of the teen group. She did so and has done a great job. Each Friday they meet and worship and are taught the Word of God. She loves the teenagers and invests a lot of time in them through their various ways of communication. We are blessed to have her as part of the team here at Bethel.